Landscaping: Tips And Tricks For A Great Yard

Posted on July 11, 2012

Perhaps you’ve thought of hiring a landscaping professional to rejuvenate your yard. It’s actually plenty of fun doing it yourself, not to mention a lot cheaper! You simply need some new ideas, knowledge and skill. Continue on for some helpful tips and ideas that you can apply to your own landscaping design.

Regularly shaping your shrubs and trees is important for your landscape upkeep. Be sure that you are pruning and shaping any shrubs that are overgrown as well as your trees. This insures that your yard is in the best shape and looks great. This is an easy, simple way to keep your landscape looking great.

Saving Advice

For an attractive addition to a yard, you might consider a water feature, like ponds or fountains. Water features have an added benefit, as they attract wildlife to your garden, adding to the natural setting. Just be conscious of the water and electricity requirements of any water feature.

Consult with a landscaper before embarking on a large project so you can learn from their expertise. A professional can be a great resource that provides you with time and money-saving advice. An hour-long meeting with a professional averages about $75, which is a small price to pay for the insight and money-saving advice they can provide.

Know what your area’s hardiness zone is and buy plants which will thrive there. The hardiness zone map was updated by the USDA in 2012, which is something that hadn’t been done for 22 years. This map can help you pick plants that will survive, as it shows the lowest temperatures experienced in your area, helping you make an informed choice.

Before landscaping your yard, find out exactly where the property boundaries are. This can be hard if you don’t have a fence. You don’t want conflicts with neighbors if you plant in their yard. Check your property deed to find out this crucial information.

Water is a great element to add to any design. You can easily install pumps and a small pool or fountain for instance. You can also hire a professional to put in a larger water feature, such as a pond or tall waterfall, for a small price. Water designs will add a beautiful focus point to your property.

Do you plan to sell your house soon? Landscaping is a wise investment that offers as much as a 200 percent return. Create a design for your front yard that is visually appealing from the road. Also consider making the backyard into a friendly and relaxing outdoor sanctuary.

Think about special features before purchasing anything. Spend the money at a store which caters to building this type of garden. The specialty store personnel can help you make the right decisions.

When modifying your yard during landscaping projects, make sure you take existing structures into consideration before you ever touch your shovel to the dirt. Make sure you’re aware of where components of your home such as gutters, cables, and air conditioners are positioned so that your landscaping modifications don’t infringe upon them. Before you get out the shovel, contact the local utilities to determine where the underground lines are located.

Don’t give up on landscaping just because you are unable afford the whole project at once. You can break down a big project into smaller pieces that you can afford. This can help you learn and will let you take your time along with saving money. You might even end up with an improved end product because you have taken your time during the design phases.

After reading this article, you should be ready to do your yard. Give yourself a pat on the back. By choosing to do it yourself, you will save yourself a great deal of money, and will have a good time doing it. Don’t waste another minute, get outside and start creating that beautiful yard you’ve always wanted.

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