Make Sure You are Building a Child Safe Deck

Posted on July 15, 2009

Everyone in the family can enjoy a deck but just how child safe are they?

Your new deck needs to be child friendly and that can all be thought about in the planning stage of your project. It’s not hard to use some common sense when it comes to the safety of your family.

Whenever a deck is even a few feet off the ground, you should plan on building a rail all the way around it to prevent falls. A child safety gate is a good idea if you plan to have stairs so ensure that a gate can fit at the entrance/exit.

Summertime brings walking barefoot outside and you want to avoid getting splinters in little feet that are running and playing on your deck. This is why you should always look for building materials that are smooth and rounded.  Once the deck is built, inspections should be performed once in a while to ensure that there is no splintering occuring. If this happens, the area will need to be sanded down.

A summertime necessity is shade. One can only take so much sun, especially for the safety of little children who have no concept of the dangers of it.  Why don’t you consider building an overhang or a canopy over your deck and then there are no worries of too much sun exposure. This is not to replace sunscreen of course.

If you’re going to be hosting little children on your deck, then try to create something that will keep climbing at a zero because there is nothing to climb on.  Also the railing’s slats should be close together so there is no risk of little arms and legs getting stuck in between them and as well as no room for little ones to crawl through and fall.

A safe deck is a fun deck for everyone. When you’re planning your deck (whether it’s a DIY project or whether you have a deck builder to construct your deck), plan to have a safe deck so your family can stay accident free to enjoy it for many years to come!

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